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December 25, 2005

Lately when i close my eyes at night
all i wished is to be with you
even in just a dream.

Lately when i hear love songs
i noticed myself singing along
as if my heart knows every line.

Lately i started to feel that whatever i do
you are always part of it.



Brushes & Pen

December 17, 2005

Whenever im inspired with something, be it love or beauty, or depressed and lonely, i always find myself grabbing my brushes and pen scribling to whatever my heart wishes. Time stops when my hand began to scribble. It consumes me that i can't stop until my heart is pleased on what has been done.

One may tell artist's emotion on colors he applied to his work. It is his way of showing the world how he feels, how he see on things that has been a part of him… his life..
Life may sometimes be complicated, that we need to put colors in order for us to appreciate and see its real beauty, that we may need to establish lines for us to follow.


Cold Hearted Lady

December 3, 2005

by bishop

Cold hearted lady
heart of stone you may be,
you captured my heart
strangely from apart.

To warm your heart
and brings back its passion,
is an eternal quest
i am mysteriously drawn.

Maybe it is your sweet smile
that capture me
and your happy spirit
that overwhelmed my soul.

Don't know how it happens,
don't know how it becomes;
all i know, gradually,
im falling helplessly.