Far and Away

January 2, 2006

As this year comes to end
Alone and far from you,
I think of how much
I wish you were around.

But since for now
That is not meant to be,
I'll be content
With your memory.

I watch each day
For your e-mail,
And it brings a smile
To my day without fail.

I can't wait for the day
When we speak face to face,
Holding each others hand
Whispering our heart desire.




  1. hi…i don’t know if you remember me but you visited my blog (well that was a long time ago). you commented on the hinugyaw… i didn’t know how to reply to your message so i visited your blog instead.
    actually, your blog is quite fascinating. i’m looking forward for your updates.
    would it be alright if i link your page from mine?

  2. me again… i included you on my friends list. Friends? 🙂
    my email is frae_17@yahoo.com.

    btw, i like to write poems once in a while when the mood strikes… however i’m not the writer in the family my sister is… if you have time, i recommend you go visit her blog. i’m sure you’ll find it interesting…

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