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a love that will last

May 11, 2008

One of my favorite song by Renee Olstead.[Audio

[download here]


You Are The One

March 29, 2006

You Are The One
by Freestyle

Another day passes by, Im dreaming of you
And though I know it might be just a dream,
dreams come true
Somewhere, somehow I'll find you
Eventhough it takes all of my life
(all of my life)
And when I finally do (and wen I finally do)
I know inside my heart
(I know inside my heart )
That there could be no doubt
I knew it from the start

(You are the one) You are the one
That I've been searching for
my whole life through
(You are the one) You are the one
That Ive been looking for
and now dat I found you
Ill never let you go, I'll hold you in my arms
Cause you are the one..

Another night spent alone
Im Lying in the dark (Im lying in the dark)
I dont know ur name
But I knw your voice sings 2 my heart
A sweet melody a symphony of love
I know that come 1 day
(I know that come 1 day)
A time for you and me (A time for you and me)
To finally be together
Cuz I know we're meant to be


Forever is a meaningless word
eventhough ure here w/ me
Here by my side, here in my heart..