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July 2, 2006


Simple yet elegant.
kind hearted and loyal.
loves to cook and dance.

She speaks with a smile,
soft and enchanted.

most of all she’s single.



Color Pallete

February 15, 2006

Paintings are boring to look at when only made up of basic color, it would not show the real life color of your subject. To render it right different colors should be mixed with right proportion, it may be dark or lighter, just for a specific area.Just like painting, who we are as a person is a mixture of different experiences be it good or bad. A specific proportion of it shows our unique personalities different from the others.

(a picture of my pallete plate. random placement of colors and spreading on different direction interest me.)



February 5, 2006

"i can describe a
flower that
Juliet long for a rose

but words aren't enough
to capture its beauty for
it is meant to be seen…

meant to be drawn"

thanks to Milarica for sharing her word, at last i have made another painting after several months of putting my brush aside.



October 29, 2005

An officemate and best friend during my stay in IHI Phils., (1997 – 2000).


Manang Mary

October 29, 2005

Manang Mary was my housemate and our drinking buddy. Who can forget the days where you drink 'til you drop? She's in late 30 back in 1998 but can drink Fundador just like tea. With her masculine built body, she always take charge when we're drunk.



October 29, 2005

My buddy since we started working at JGC Phils., we`ve worked together on most project we had. Rumors says, once you stare at her eyes you'll never forget the day you met her (di ba jonats?). Emotionally mature and intelligent. Can sing, dance and a good cook, what else could you ask for?

I am supposed to gave this as present during her 27th birthday during her stay in Japan but i was not able to complete.



October 1, 2005

Never thought there was a blue Tulips until a friend ask me to make one for a Valentine present.



September 19, 2005

True beauty is not on the dress they wear…



September 13, 2005

They said every picture has its own story, every art has its own inspiration. This was made when Chicken Pox devastated my poor skin (Dec.2005), my face got the most hit. Confined in my room for more than two weeks, without anything much to do i did experiment with colors (primary colors).

As i stare outsite through my glassed window, t he sky is dark warning everybody that rain is about to fall, bring your umbrella.

Black background to give focus to the colored umbrella. Primary colors Red, Yellow and Blue; for optics Red, Yellow and Green.

Given to Fujiwara-san [Irene]



September 12, 2005

His friends call him Jonats and so do i. Given as present to always reminds him of the movie "sassy girl". The soundtrack "I Believe" had echoed relentlessly in the four corner of his room at Ishizakecho. Sang by Erwin with accompaniment by Merill & Mell, somehow that movie helps his heart beat fast, so fast that a mere momentum had kept his heart beating.

…remember the potluck that oftentimes held in his very accomodating room, the jamming that let everybody sings their heart out, the Warcraft Games that oftentimes dominated by Teof and most of all the thoughtfulness and care he bestowed to all his friend.

sassy boys & girls @ Japan (2004 – 2005)